Navigating technology choices can be a daunting task.

Let IPVersant assist you with an assessment of you Technology needs.

Our skilled staff will serve as your trusted advisor in choosing

the best path for your business.

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IPVersant can assist you in making the best choice

for you when choosing your next phone system.

With a "Unified Communications Assessment"

you can make an informed decision

regarding your telephony project!

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Bring Your Own Device? Sure.

Network solutions from IPVersant will keep your workers productive, with secure and dynamic infrastructure management. We don’t just make your infrastructure work, we make it work better, and smarter.

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We Offer the Total Package.

We aren’t your average VAR – our engineers are passionate about what they do and all bring multiple skillsets to the table. Our engineers are your trusted go-to technology advisors – not one-trick ponies.

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Put Your IT Infrastructure Into Overdrive

We understand technology and it’s bottlenecks.Our solutions adhere to vendor and industry best practices and will result in high-performance IT infrastructure that keeps your business growing.